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LiWen & Tytus

We have been dance and life partners since we met in 2003. Tytus is a 3x United States Latin Dance Champion and LiWen is a professional latin dancer and a certified power yoga coach. 

Together, we have been training and supporting dancers – from ballroom dance beginners to world champions – to improve their technique, artistry, creativity, performance, social dance skills and confidence.  Our unique combined experience of more than 40 years of dance teaching and dedication to fitness and yoga, has given birth to our own structured, fun and effective programs to train your mind and body for new dance habits.

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CHA CHA Routine – Simple or Challenging?

Most of the time, cha cha routines don't really match the music. It's pretty customary for dancers to learn a piece of routine/ choreography that doesn't match the music. In...

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The Fan in Rumba is one of the most iconic steps for International Latin Ballroom Rumba. In this lesson, we are only focusing on the follower's part! Sorry Leaders, next...

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Open Hip Twist (Silver Step) to Fan (Bronze Step) in Rumba 0:36 - #1 Classic Way (Open Hip Twist Fan) 0:44 - #2 Ronde 0:52 - #3 Follower 3 step...

How to Dance CHACHA “Turkish Towel” 5 Ways – VIDEO

Turkish Towel in International CHA CHA (Gold Step) 0:28 - #1 Classic Way Turkish Towel (Cha Cha Gold Syllabus Step) 0:46 - Quick Tip (Getting into Turkish Towel) 1:06 -...

How to dance Rumba “Fan to Hockeystick” 5 MORE ways

Fan to Hockeystick in Rumba (Bronze Steps) Creative Variations/ Choreography to Dance this step in Rumba 0:39 - #1 Classic Way (Fan to Hockeystick) 0:47 - Variation #2 Inside Turn...