Build Your Cha Cha Speed to Music

Practice #1 - Focus on Arms ONLY
In this practice, only focus on the arms for your Cha Cha Side Chasse Step:
(turn on sound)

You're benefiting from Focused "Steady Timing" Practice because:

  • "Steady Time" Practice instead of "Flexible Timing" practice, helps your body build muscle memory for the tempo. 
  • Practicing with various tempos help you recognize where your weakness is, so you can focus on the area you need to improve on.
  • Alternating between what is comfortable tempo and challenging tempo helps you get more comfortable building your speed.
  • We are all visual learners to some extent. Visual Modeling after LiWen, makes you dance better than practicing without a visual role model. This creates a habit of GOOD dancing. 
  • Focusing on only the arms, helps you build the muscle memory quicker, and do it better!

Practice #2 - Build Your Speed 
Follow Along to the 4 different speeds, focusing on Arms
(turn on sound)

I know you're thinking: What about the hips and legs? What about Cha Cha locks, walks and many other steps that we can do this training with?

That's what you'll learn to embody into muscle memory with our new program starting Saturday - April 9th.

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Legs, Hips & Arms Mastery Program

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+ HD Recording of Each Live Session you can use repeatedly
+ Session Summaries

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Customer Testimonials:

I am learning so much and I am noticing the difference big-time.  

LiWen breaks down the technique in such a way that you understand what you should be doing/what is correct and gives you a blueprint on how to practice to achieve that standard. I've improved my posture, leg/ankle + hips coordination.

Marie A. - UK
Review of the Previous 10 week Rumba + Cha Cha Program (also enrolled in this new series)

It's been fantastic to have the videos. 

I've realized that I don't remember a lot even with notes. Having the videos is so much better! 

I'm practicing 3-4 times a week, one day I take the whole class again, and the rest are targeted. Having the videos, notes and breakdowns into small segments was incredibly helpful. LiWen explains all the little things I see, but never have any idea how to do. I've learnt so much from seeing the lessons more than once, as there was too much good stuff to remember just one time through. 

Joanne C. - USA

Review of the Previous 10 week Rumba + Cha Cha Program (also enrolled in this new series)

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