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Cha Cha Steps & Connections $129.00

Cha Cha Steps & Connections

December 9, 2019 / No Comments
Do you want to be a great partner? To be able to lead/ follow anything on the dance floor? How do you acquire better partnering skills? Are there specific techniques…
LiWen Ang
Cha Cha Technique Essentials $149.00

Cha Cha Technique Essentials

October 15, 2019 / No Comments
Transform your Dancing with Cha Cha Technique Essentials How do you acquire better technique? What do you NOT know, that can be applied to your dancing? What exactly do you…
30 Day Cha Cha Challenge $199.00

30 Day Cha Cha Challenge

December 11, 2018 / No Comments
Join the most awesome CHA CHA Dance challenge ever! Your life-changing journey begins here. The 30 Days of Cha Cha Challenge is your ultimate guide to getting on track with…
LiWen Ang
Sexy Hips – Ultimate Action Pack $69.00

Sexy Hips – Ultimate Action Pack

September 15, 2018 / No Comments
SEXY HIPS – ULTIMATE ACTION PACK Having great hip action is synonymous to great Latin dancing. In this action-packed course, Tytus and LiWen will teach you how to get your…
LiWen Ang
Introduction to Spins $129.00

Introduction to Spins

July 2, 2018 / No Comments

Step by Step breakdown of Spin Fundamentals with LiWen Ang.
Transform your Spins. Transform your Dancing.

LiWen Ang