The Guide to Mastering American Rumba


Tired of doing the same steps in your social Rumba?

This course will spice things up for you and your partner with classic and new combinations so when you go out dancing, you will be more exciting.


In this Guide to dancing American Rumba, you will master 20 steps – which includes a mix of beginner, intermediate and more advanced figures. You will be able to social dance confidently because now, you’ll have a good repertoire of steps that you can draw upon whenever you like. These steps include some of our favorite basics, as well as NEW steps that we’ve created, just for this course.

We’ll breakdown each step (some of which are more like a combination of 3-4 steps) into leader’s parts, follower’s parts and then how to dance with a partner. We’ve also grouped these steps into shorter sections (5 sections total), so that you can learn them more easily in bite-sized chunks. With these sections, you’ll be able to dance along to music with us.

With this course, you can watch and re-watch the lesson over and over again. You have the option to pause, rewind, slow down the lesson whenever you want to.

If you’ve taken our courses, you know that we make it fun for you. And if you haven’t, then try it out. We back up all of our courses with a 30 DAY satisfaction guarantee – ie: no fuss full refund policy.


 1: Closed rocks
 2: Half moon
 3: Back spot turn
 4: 3 threes Variation
 5: Cuddle whip
 6: El paseo
 7: Copa
 8: Parallel breaks
  9: Alternating under arm turns
 10: Swivel Surprise break Combo
 11: Grapevine
 12: Cross body lead with hand shake hold 3 step turn
 13: Stop and go
 14: Arm slide with head loop
 15: Cross body lead with under arm turn
 16: Sweetheart
  17: Sliding door Variation
 18: Inside Under Arm Turn with walks Combo
 19: Reverse CBL with Inside turn Combo
 20: Hand shake hold CBL continuous turn combo

Answers to QUESTIONS You May Have:

1. Do I need a Partner?
No, but if you have one, definitely learn along with your partner. We break down the parts slowly into Leader and Follower, so you can always just learn on your own.

2. As a follower, how will it benefit me to take this course?
This course is great for expanding your vocabulary, both as a leader and follower. With these new steps, you will pick up tips to improve your ability to follow, which is SUPER important in social dancing. You will also open your mind and body up to NEW ways to move and connect, which is a great way to improve your dancing.

3. What level of dancer is this course designed for?
You can be at any level. Although the course is progressive, we have also mixed it up with some easier patterns, with some more complex ones.

4. Can I use these steps for a competition routine?
You can use some of the figures if you are doing closed category competition, and you can use all of the figures for Open category competition.

5. Is this American style or International Style? If I do International style, can I still learn from this course?
Although this course focuses on American Rhythm style Rumba, you can still take it even if you do International style Rumba. The primary difference between International and American style Rumba is the bent knee vs straight knee action as well as timing in the basics. Many steps can cross over from one style into the other. On a social setting, you can choose which style you want to do. American style tends to be easier to lead and follow than International style.

6. What happens if I have questions about the lessons?
We are here to support you and your learning. We encourage you to leave your questions and comments for each lesson right when you have them. This way, we can answer them directly and other students can also benefit from the answers.

Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons
  • SECTION 1 (Steps 1 - 4) & Easy Access to 10 Beginner Steps

     1: Closed Rocks  2:Half Moon  3: Back Spot Turn 4: 3 Threes

    • Lecture1.1
  • SECTION 2 (Steps 5-8)

    5: Cuddle Whip  6: El Paseo  7: Copa  8: Parallel breaks

    • Lecture2.1
  • SECTION 3 (Steps 9-12)

    9: Alternating turns 10: Swivel Surprise Break 11: Grapevine 12: CBL with Turns

    • Lecture3.1
  • SECTION 4 (Steps 13-16)

    13: Stop & Go 14: Arm Slide with Head Loop 15: CBL Variation 16: Sweetheart

    • Lecture4.1
  • SECTION 5 (Steps 17-20)

    17: Sliding Door 18: Inside Turn with Walks 19: Reverse CBL Variation 20: CBL continuous turn combo

    • Lecture5.1

About the Instructor

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Tytus Bergstrom Tytus is a 4x United States Latin Dance Champion and co-founder of DanceInsanity. Tytus fell in love with Latin Dancing when he was a teen, and this has been a lifelong passion, along with filmmaking. He has trained, competed and coached all over the world for 20+ years. He has a special love for storytelling, and these video classes combine his love for dance, teaching, entertainment and filmmaking.

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