Too Old to Get Massive Hip Action? Cha Cha Hip Exercises for Dancers

I can think of many things that are bad for massive hip action, but getting old is NOT one of them. You may not agree… and might even be saying, “Just wait till you get older, LiWen… then you’ll know!”

Ohh… I’ve heard that too many times. More about that below.. and i’ll even tell you what’s REALLY NOT GOOD for your hips, no matter what age you are.

First up, follow along with my FEEL GOOD FRIDAY VIDEO, and yes, you guessed it, it’s about HIPS! 

OKAY, You know what’s NOT good for your hips?

☠️ Sitting Too Much (at your computer, couch, netflix, driving etc.)

??‍♀️ ONLY doing walking/ biking/running type exercises (forward back motion)

??‍♂️ Settling Your Hips when you dance
(Wait a sec! I thought I’m supposed to do that!? Sorry. Nope. More about that later. )

None of these are age-related by the way! 😉

If you are feeling that you’re too old for massive hip action, that’s probably because you are feeling stiffness or soreness in your hips when you try to move them. However, it’s a downward cycle, isn’t it? The more you’re afraid of moving those joints, the more stiff they get. It’s like rust accumulating on a pipe fitting. How do you get that rust off?

You can simply oil it and move it frequently. That’s much easier and less painful than replacing it!

The more we move and oil that pipe (our hips), the less likely rust is able to accumulate.

Latin dancing is about moving your hips in all different directions, ie: oiling it to keep its mobility, flexibility and health. So, that’s precisely WHY the longer we’ve been around, the more beneficial latin dancing is to us. The way I see it, I’m gonna be doing cha cha cha for a looooooong time. 😉

During my Saturday 11am class, we’ll work on how you can get massive hip action in Rumba + Cha Cha. Join me! 

xx LiWen
PS: Why on earth is “Settling Your hips” bad for your hips and hip action? We’ll will show you why this term is used, and why it’s Bad for you, in this Sunday’s 11am Cha Cha Class – we’re doing Cha Cha on Sundays all February 2021).


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    June 19, 2020

    Amping up my hip action is exactly what I have been working on in my private lesson at the studio. I love watching you demonstrate the actions needed & the input you provide helps me figuring it all out. The way you explain & demonstrate has given me that “Ah-hA” moment more time than I can count. Catching an 11 a.m. PCT – 2 Pm EST – is difficult during the summer. Is there an online course I may purchase that will provide the same information? I would also like a Cha Cha online for purchase , which explains the “settling” action. Thanks so much.

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      Dance Insanity
      June 21, 2020

      Hello Charlene! Ah-ha moments are precious nuggets of gold. I’m sooo happy to hear that, thanks for letting me know. I was happy to “see” you in class on Saturday. We are thinking of releasing some online courses that are a version of these classes. What would you’d like to learn in them, in addition to the hip settling action in cha cha? 🙂

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