Exercises to Strengthen your Feet & Ankles for Rumba

Improve your Rumba with these feet and ankle stretching exercises. Ok, I lied. You will not only improve your Rumba, but all your latin, rhythm, Smooth AND Standard dances!

One of the best things you can do to improve your dancing is to improve the articulation of your feet, which means that you have control over when and how you work from point to ball of foot to arch and then heel.

These exercises will defeat:
1. Flat-footedness
2. Lazy feet
3. Shuffling Feet (those that slip and slide all over the place) |
4. Unwanted Bouncy-ness
5. Slamming on your knees and back (instead you’ll create a cushion for every time you step).

Feet & Ankle Exercises for Dancers :  

  1. Warm up Feet Presses (Parallel Position)
  2. 1st Position Foot Stretch
  3. Demi Point to Inside Edge
  4. Alternating Inside Edge Position

xx LiWen

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As always, a reminder to listen to your body, and only do things you’re comfortable with. 

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