Samba Feet Strengthening Exercises

How could the Samba bounce NOT come from the knees??

Ahem! It’s not just the knees. Samba bounce actually starts with the feet.

Don’t believe it? Yeaaah, I didn’t believe it at first too. ? But once I started working from the feet, it totally transformed my dancing, my balance, my bounce, my musicality, my control, and my ability to win every argument. Bonus!

OK. But HOW? I’ll give you the first hint… click on the Feel Good Friday Video below. ?

And, how do you connect the feet to the knees and steps? How to stop the Samba bounce from looking weak and just too bouncey? Do you do the bounce everywhere in the samba?

You have such good questions! ??

Come take an online SAMBA class with us – see our schedule below. It’ll change the way you dance Samba FOREVER!

See you then!

xx LiWen

ONLINE Samba Group Classes - See Full Schedule HERE

  • $18.00

    Fridays just got spicy!

    If you ever feel shy, uncomfortable or unsure about how to embrace your sensuality when dancing, this class is for you! Tytus knows what it’s like to feel that way, because he was that way when he first started dancing. But no moRE! You will learn specific exercises to help you blossom into your fullest expressive self.

    This class will help you access and embrace your hotness.

    9/3 – Cha Cha

    9/10 – Samba

    9/17 – Rumba

    This is a live interactive class.
    USD$18per person.

    CLICK HERE for your timezone

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  • $25.00

    75 minute RUMBA RULES 3 week Series

    Learn the ABCs of RUMBA to understand and implement the technique so that you can dance your Rumba beautifully.

    All solo dancing.

    wk 1 – Arm Rhythm & Lines

    wk 2 – Power Legs & Stretch

    wk 3 – Shapes & Rule Break

    no class on 9/26

    USD$25 drop-in per person.

    CHECK your timezone here

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