Strong Core for Dancers to Improve your Spins

Improve your spins and balance with these core exercises for dancers.

It’s always about the core, isn’t it? When you engage your core/ abs/ center, things just start to happen for you:

Your posture improves…
You’re more forward-weighted…
Your waist looks smaller!
You are protecting your spine…
You are more balanced when you turn…
You look taller…
Your lower back is gonna feel better…
You reduce pressure on your hips and legs…
And your dance teacher will FINALLY stop saying “ENGAGE YOUR CORE”!

In today’s Feel Good Friday video, we’ll first warm up our bodies by testing our balance. Don’t be afraid to fall!
Then, we’ll move into 3 exercises on the floor to build strength in your core. Let’s go.

  1. 2 Legged Table
  2. 2 Legged Plank
  3. Plank

xx LiWen


  • User Avatar
    July 24, 2020

    This two legged plank is great. I need to practice as I just finished a pilates class so my shoulders are sore from doing similar. I need to build up to that one where you touch your shoulders while doing a plank! Great core work!

    • User Avatar
      Dance Insanity
      July 29, 2020

      Karen, Love pilates. 2 legged plank is definitely a challenge to work up to.. and you’re definitely gonna get it! Keep building on the good core work you’ve already been doing. Go GO! 🙂

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