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Want to create sizzling energy and enthusiasm in your workplace or Event?  

That’s what Tytus and LiWen bring, with their fun, electrifying live interactive dance classes. 

Clients include: Hearts on Fire, Recurly, Kaiser Permanente, Stags Leap Wine Cellars, JCB winery, Alibaba,  UC Berkeley, CSU East Bay, Diablo Valley College and more.

Tytus Bergstrom & LiWen Ang are professional latin ballroom dancers based in San Francisco Bay Area (California). They are known for their creative, fresh, explosive dance shows that expand the bounds of usual dance entertainment.

Tytus is a four-time United States Latin Dance Champion and an award-winning filmmaker! Tytus’ focus on story-telling through his films, adds a layer of depth and creativity in his dance performances unparalleled to other ballroom dance shows. 

LiWen is 1st runner-up on WE TV’s “Dirty Dancing- Livin’ the Dream” TV Show. She is also a trained PowerYoga Coach and a licensed Architect. Her yoga training gives her an extra physical edge for extraordinary movement and her architecture background lends a distinctly unique perspective and precision for building super dynamic and innovative choreography.

Tytus and LiWen have been dancing together for 15 years, and are known for their incredible chemistry together, as well as comical timing as a team. Their memorable performances will leave your guests talking about your event for weeks and months on end.  

Dances include but not limited to: Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive, Salsa, and Swing.

Dance Competitions  ●  Conventions  ●  Corporate Conferences  ●  Private Parties  ●  Commercials  ●  Winery  ●  Music Videos  ●  Exclusive Events  ●  Birthdays  ●  Weddings  ●  Dance Galas  ●  Masquerade Balls  ●  Auctions  ● Films  ●  MORE

We bring our expertise in coaching large groups and making learning how to dance FUN.  

Also available: Interactive dance workshops, private/ small group coaching, creative dynamics workshops, and team building events. Contact us to find out more.

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