Rumba Student Performance Video – Sunday Class Series (Episode 5)

Rumba Virtual Dance Performance

Kudos to this team of dancers for coming together for our 5th Episode of Quarantine Dance Performances. For some of them, this is their second Rumba performance (First Rumba Virtual Performance is here if you haven’t seen it) and they have improved their timing, musicality, technique and expression! For some others, it’s their come-back dance, after a long half-year hiatus due to covid. We’re proud of each one of them for showing up, to do something new and maybe even somewhat uncomfortable. Tackling the discomfort is the only way to grow!

Enjoy the hearts and passion of this group of dancers!

We have our very last performance series starting next Sunday – Dec 6th, 2020. This will be a Xmas themed super fun Jive. Join us!

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Song: I Just Can’t Stop Loving You by Michael Jackson
Rumba Choreography & Coaching: Tytus & LiWen
Editing: Tytus


Amaya Kathleen (CA)
Chris Williams (TX)
Emmy Pearson (United Kingdom)
Lori Golden (CA)
Lulu Zhang (PA)
Marie Davis (CA)
Matthew Goldberg (CA)
Mike Sindel (CA)
Nisha Srinivasa (CA)


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    December 2, 2020

    oh gosh! That was awesome!

    • User Avatar
      Dance Insanity
      December 4, 2020

      Thank you Corine! We hope to see you sometime soon. 🙂

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