Samba Sunday Series – Student Online Performance Video

Samba Virtual Dance Performance Process

Step 1: Song Selection

Before we started this 3 week class series, we couldn’t quite decide on what song to use. A couple of other contenders were:

“Taki Taki” by DJ Snake
“Desda Esa Noche” by Thalia + Maluma &
“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi

All great songs! In the very first Samba virtual performance, we went with 3 to Tango by Pitpull which was just a vibrant song that made you wanna dance. If you haven’t seen that performance, check it out here. We went back and forth between classic tunes, to more contemporary, and then finally nailed it down to “Hey Mama” by the Black-Eyed Peas, which is one of our favorite groups. By the way, if you haven’t seen their music video… OMG. These OGs can rock it out!

Step 2: Samba Choreography

Now, for this 3 week Samba Virtual Performance class, we wanted to incorporate more classic Samba steps into this routine. Whisks, Botafogos, Corta Jacas, Batucadas and so on, to improve our students’ technique and understand of those classic steps. And on top of that, the beauty of doing it to choreography is that we can then, focus on musicality and styling. How many classic steps can you spot? Leave a comment below! 

Step 3: Progression over the 3 week class series

This 3 week series is taught over 3 consecutive Sundays from 11am – 12:15pm pdt. It’s only 75 minutes per session. So, there’s a LOT to be covered to get everyone ready mentally and physically for the final performance.

We taught most of the routine over the first 2 weeks, and in the last week, we were able to spend more time detailing the technique and performance. We’re so proud of how well this group of dancers are doing, and how much they’re improving over this short period of time.

One student in this video had never done Ballroom Samba before… but boy, did SHE kick it up a notch! Bet you can’t tell who it is. ;0

This was such a blast.. and we’re grateful to have such a wonderful community of students who are brought together by our love of dance!

Step 4: What’s Next?

We’re starting our next 3 week video performance series THIS SUNDAY – Nov 1st, 2020. Join us! It’ll be rumba this time. You can drop in as well, to get the experience. It’s a lot of fun because it’s an interactive class and you can receive feedback and ask questions. Come take the next step and join us! You have only everything to gain!

Any questions? leave us a comment below.


LiWen & Tytus

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Song: Hey Mama
Choreography & Coaching: Tytus & LiWen
Editing: Tytus


Amaya Kathleen (CA)
Chris Williams (TX)
Emmy Pearson (United Kingdom)
Lulu Zhang (PA)
Marie Davis (CA)
Melissa Chong (Canada)
Mike Sindel (CA)
Nisha Srinivasa (CA)
Rayo Ogunyinka (United Kingdom)


  • Frances Downes
    October 30, 2020

    That was absolutely fabulous. Samba is not an easy dance and you all made it look super cool. Well done!

    • User Avatar
      Tytus Bergstrom
      November 5, 2020

      Yes Frances, you’re absolutely right! Samba is not an easy dance. Thanks for supporting the team! Hope you’re doing great.

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