September Online Classes

Online Latin Ballroom Dance Classes on Zoom with Tytus Bergstrom & LiWen Ang -Dance Insanity

Friday – 12:30pm pst = Find out Your Timezone HERE
Friday – 6pm pstFind out Your Timezone HERE
Saturday & Sunday – 11am pst = Find out your timezone HERE 

** You can now purchase the classes for the entire month – just select your dates under each class.
Class Schedule/ Dances changes every month. You can sign up right till when class starts.
NO partner needed for any class.

UPCOMING Online Latin Dance Classes (Live Events)

What you'll get out of each class

Friday Dance Fit Conditioning Class

  • Do you want to have good balance so that you can dance better?
  • What about improved body tone so that you don’t need a diet to feel strong and still look good? 
  • How about having more energy because you’re increasing your metabolism and are now able to be more focused and efficient in your daily life?

This class is specially designed to help you do that, with LiWen’s special blend of dance moves, yoga, hiit (high intensity interval training), mobility and strengthening moves. 45 minutes to move and burn it up to fun tunes.

LiWen is also a 200 hr registered yoga instructor and has been a yoga practitioner since 2005, and combines her knowledge of the body with dance movement.

What you need: Yoga Mat, Towel and Water Handy.
No dance experience needed.

(recording available for this class if you can’t attend in-person)
Fri 12:30pm pst = Check Your Timezone HERE

Friday Samba Technique & Choreo Class

This class is for all levels. 

Feel like Samba Technique is challenging? Tytus is here to help you get Samba technique in an EASY way. You can finally understand and get the movements you want into your body. Stop thinking and start dancing!  

This class is non-progressive. You can easily drop-in each week.

Fri 6pm pst = Check Your Timezone HERE

Saturday Basic Latin Technique Class

This class is for beginner – intermediate levels.

  • Are you tired of not knowing why your dancing doesn’t look good?
  • Want to improve the quality of your movements, so that you can be a good desirable partner?

LiWen designs this class to work specifically on your balance, feet and leg action, cuban motions, arm styling, posture and spins in International Rumba and Cha Cha. You’ll learn short patterns used to help you master specific skills and principles in Latin dancing that can be applied to other dances.

Saturday 11am pst – Check your timezone HERE

Sunday Performance Video Series

This class alternates dances every month.

Do you feel that performing is scary or exciting? Well, every time you step out on the dance floor, whether it’s social dancing, competition, or shows, you are performing. This class series is for you!

  • Get feedback from us during class so you know if you’re doing something wrong??‍♀️, and get corrections.
  • No partner needed so you become a more independent dancer!
  • Get a short video ? recap with the new choreography for the week, so you can practice while watching us.
  • Learn performance skills ⭐️ and participate in the video performance on week 4. Having something to work towards, will help focus your improvements and give you motivation to practice!
  • Having both LiWen and Tytus do the same routine, you can learn how to emit masculinity / feminity in your own dancing!

Sunday 11am pst – Check your timezone HERE


How to take an online class? 

  1. You can purchase class right up to start of class.
  2. Once you purchase the class, you’ll immediately get a zoom weblink for class access. Guide on how to set up your space/ devices HERE
  3. You can click on the link ahead of time to download the ZOOM App.
  4. On the day of the class, you will receive a reminder email with the class link, 1 hour before class starts.
  5. Just click on the class access link to join. You just need a computer/ ipad/ phone and internet connectivity.

More questions?
Email us:
We’ll get back to you asap.

Other things you might like to know:

1. Do you need a lot space?
Nope. We keep our routines and teaching accessible within a small space. 

2. Can you take the class by yourself?

3. What happens if I have technical problems accessing the link on the day of the class?
You can call/ text message us: 1.510.621.3602. Please plan on being early!

Is taking an online class a new experience for you?
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