Private Online Latin Dance Lessons

Did you only start ballroom dancing as an adult?
Ever feel like you'll never get it, or that it'll take too long?

We're so glad you found us!
We specialize in helping adult dancers SKYROCKET their dancing QUICKLY.

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Tytus & LiWen - dance Insanity - online private dance lessons - cha cha cha
Tytus & LiWen - dance Insanity - online private dance lessons - RUMBA

We specialize in International Latin and American Rhythm dances:

Cha Cha,  Rumba,   Samba,  Paso Doble,  Jive, 

Swing,  Salsa,  American Rumba,  Bolero,  Mambo and more! 

What is online Latin Dance training with Tytus & LiWen like?

It doesn't matter if you're a competitor, professional, or social dancer. We only coach dancers who are willing to practice and improve.

To help you become the best dancer, requires physical training along with mental "upgrades" 🙂  Therefore, our approach is extremely unique and wholesome, catered specifically to each individual / couple that we work with. You will expand your mental potential and learn ways to improve your dancing that you didn't know possible, with our systemized approach. 

As long as you have a strong desire to learn and improve, it doesn't matter what level you are, or how much talent you think you may or may not have. If you want it, we can help you get there!

Improve your Technique & Control

Is Latin Technique a HUGE mystery to you?  If so, you are definitely not alone. A lot of dancers come to us because they want to improve their dance technique. And that's exactly what we're super good at!

When you get coaching from us, YOU WILL LEARN technique in digestible and executable ways that you will not get anywhere else. We will use special custom drills and exercises catered to YOU to improve your control. You will get exact instruction on how to use your body to get more grace, power, speed and style.

CLARITY with action is POWER!

You'll learn how to use technique to help you dance more freely so that you can tap into the FULL DANCER you are. 

Change your DANCING