FRIDAY Dance Conditioning Class (12:30pm pst)


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This 45 minute LIVE class in October will be focused on finding your balance! Each class will be focused on different areas of balance.
No dance experience needed.

Choose the Live/ Recording Option, so you can either attend Live or receive a recording of the class if you can’t make it – $15 per class

Come ready with a towel and yoga mat.
Yoga Blocks and yoga strap (optional)
Barefoot/ non-slip socks preferred.
Wear comfy, stretchy clothing. 

Each class recording will be available the day after the class, and will be available till the following Thursday, 9pm pst. 

Why take a live class if you can do the recording?

**Because Live classes always have a 10-15 minute after-class discussion, where you can ask questions and LiWen will give you suggestions on modifications for your body. 

Cost is per person.

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