FRIDAY Dance Conditioning Class (12:30pm pst)


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This 45 minute LIVE class in September will be focused on getting leg flexibility.
No dance experience needed.

Choose the Live/ Recording Option, so you can either attend Live or receive a recording of the class if you can’t make it – $15 per class

Choose the LIVE class + Recording Option, so you can attend the live class, AND receive the recording of the class to do over until the following Thursday, 9pm pst – $25 per class.

Choose the Recording Only Option, if you attended class and want that class recording afterwards – $10 per class.

Come ready with a towel and yoga mat.
Yoga Blocks and yoga strap (optional)
Barefoot/ non-slip socks preferred.
Wear comfy, stretchy clothing. 

Each class recording will be available the day after the class, and will be available till the following Thursday, 9pm pst. 

Why take a live class if you can do the recording?

**Because Live classes always have a 10-15 minute after-class discussion, where you can ask questions and LiWen will give you suggestions on modifications for your body. 

Cost is per person.

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NO class on 9/24/2021.