Dance Diary - A Dancer's Practice Journal

Dance Diary – The Ultimate Dancer’s Journal

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The Dance Diary (Designed by LiWen) is a one-of-a-kind dance journal designed to plan and track your lessons, practices and progress. This diary can help you become the dancer you want to be, by providing focus and structure for your practices and learning. The weekly entry pages are uniquely formatted based on use and feedback from social dancers, competitive dancers and dance coaches. Each entry page is complemented by a different inspirational quote. One book can last you more than a full year and you can start anytime.

A stylish, and functional book, that is lightweight and fits easily into a purse and dance bag.

Suitable for dancers of all styles, levels and ages.

Designed by LiWen Ang

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Organize Your Dance Practices with the Dance Diary by Dance Insanity




• Lesson & Practice Plan Entries (54 weeks )

• Sample Entry (for tips on how to use the book effectively)

• Goal Setting Pages

• Event Calendar (to plan competitions, performances, showcases etc.)

• Specially selected inspirational quotes

• Combination of lined and blank Note Taking Pages

Pages are not dated – adaptable for use anytime in the year.

Softcover; 138 Pages; 6 in × 9 in (Lightweight and easy to carry around in your bag)

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6 reviews for Dance Diary – The Ultimate Dancer’s Journal

  1. Alex Henderson

    Great little book. Helps to keep me organized. I like the quotes and the layout of the book, where I can write down all the great tips and things I learn from all their classes and tutorials. Thanks.

  2. Jean W.

    I love this book and use it all the time. I’ve had it for quite a while, so this review is long overdue! First up, it’s very well designed and really one of its kind. I can keep all notes for lessons, practices all in 1 place. It’s inspiring me to keep my practices on point and also helpful to look back at what I have done (and not done!?). I find the goal-setting especially useful on a weekly basis. Thanks so much!

  3. Mike Sindel

    Great way to organize your dance lesson notes, practices and other info. Pick up a book and use it for a month. You will appreciate it!!!

  4. Ayumi N.

    Love it! I have been using the Dance Diary for 13 weeks now, and I love it! When I purchased it, I was not expecting much but now, I can’t go a day without it.

    I used to take just mental notes from my various dance classes/ lessons and I was forgetting what I learned. Or when I took notes, I wrote and stored notes electronically, and I never really went back to my notes. But now, all my learnings are captured in one box and it is much easier and more fun to go back to my old notes. The Lesson Note section does not have lines, so it is easy to add drawings too.

    The practice Plan section of the diary is also very helpful. It records what I worked on and reminds me which exercises I should do when I can’t do all of them every day. I was pleasantly surprised that checking off the items in the plan gives me a good satisfying feeling and it is really motivating for daily practice.

    Daily practice can be tedious, but the Dance Diary helps planning, and captures all the accomplishments of the past and plans/ goals for the future. It is a wonderful companion for improving dancing. I highly recommend it.

  5. Mel C

    Mel C

    I’m so glad I purchased this book! The dance diary not only helps me remember steps, but also little tips that subtly improves my dance movements. I think those tips will help me in the longer run versus the routine. Apart from that, the diary has great design, and gets me organized for once! The ‘Exercises’ section keeps me focused on what I should do to reach my weekly dance goals. Besides, it all challenges me to tick all those boxes!!
    Not to mention those inspiring quotes on top of the pages to motivate me whenever I get frustrated with myself while struggling to learn something. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to have fun with it. I learn better when I’m enjoying myself.
    The only down side to the book is that I found myself easily running out of space. Note to self: write smaller!

  6. Tirsha Dukes

    Organized Practice
    I’m only just starting to get serious about practicing outside of class. So of course I was initially just writing things down IF I remembered what I was told……then trying to figure out where to start……then not remembering where you left off the next day… …that is if you’re not too frustrated at that point to even continue.

    Then the Dance Diary was born and it changed my life. I’ve never been so organized and prepared for practice – even if it’s a couple of days after a class. It’s nice and compact, and very user-friendly.

    It has been incredibly instrumental in helping keep my focus. There’s lots of space for notes and you get to mark what you’ve actually completed each day. Then at the end of the week or the end of a month, you can see your progress. And the inspirational quotes on each practice week are refreshing.

    But don’t forget to jot down your achievements!! What better way to track your progress?

    Do add this Dance Diary to your Christmas/ Birthday/”Reason to Spend Money” wishlist.:) You won’t regret it!!

    — Always remember to dance with a sparkle in your eye and like nobody’s watching!!

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