3 Deadly Mistakes in the Jive Chasse (and how to fix them)

How to Dance Jive

Chasses (pronounced Sha-Say) are everywhere in the Jive. It’s a triple step, typically danced to a Quick-A-Quick timing. You will see it danced in various configurations – together, side, forward, back, with or without a turn etc. So, to fastrak your Jive dance, work extra hard on your chasse step technique and you will see a big difference. Here are 3 areas to work on:

Mistake #1: Body Crunches During Knee-Ups

Practice Tips:

Keep the Posture Upright and focus on the Down action instead of the Up action of the leg.

Mistake #2: Flip Flopping Your Hips

Practice Tips:

Keeping the Hips rotated open towards the opposite direction of your chasse. Ie: Chasse to the right, keep hips rotated left and vice versa.

Mistake #3: Taking Giant Steps

Practice Tips:

Do yourself a favor and keep those steps small and right underneath your shoulders.
Practice: Teeny Tiny steps right underneath yourself. The smaller your steps, the faster you can dance. 🙂

Some additional tips include dancing the chasses on the balls of the feet and keeping the knees soft. Any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below!


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