5 Minute Exercises to Instantly “TURN-ON” your 6 pack Abs

6 Pack Abs Exercises

Want to get your 6 pack abs but don’t have hours to spend at the gym? These exercises are for you! It’s all about efficiency! Firstly, we don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get fit. Sometimes, 5 minutes a day is all you can spare and that’s great! Therefore, I luuurf have these 5 minute exercises! I do them all the time, especially in the mornings to kick start my day. They are soooo amazing for your 6 pack abs, obliques (side abs). Furthermore, they also give your legs and tush a workout as well. Try them on for size and leave me a comment below NO MATTER WHAT happens!

6 Pack Abs Exercise #1: Pass It Around

1 set x 20 reps

(1 rep = pass the yoga block around right and leg leg)

1. Engage your abs and lift your legs straight in the air to start.
2. You can use a yoga block, a towel, a light saber… whatever you have handy that is lightweight. 😉
3. Keep your legs straight the whole time.

Abs Exercise #2: Starfish

1 set x 20 reps 

(1 rep = touching right hand to leg foot, and left hand to right foot)

1. Keep arms and legs straight.
2. Use your obliques to bring your foot and hand up to meet.
3. Go slooooow…. to make your muscles work!

Abs Exercise #3: Rainbow Twists

1 set x 20 reps 
(1 rep = knees to right and left)

1. Start by stacking your knees over your hips, with your shins parallel to the floor. Point your toes!
2. Try to keep your back flat on the ground and suck your abs into your back.
3. Squeeze your thighs together to work your lower abs.
4. Go as slow as you can, especially when your knees get close to the floor.

Abs Exercise #4: Sleeping Leg Lifts

1 set x 20 reps 
(1 rep = right leg lift + left leg lift)

1. Suck your belly down towards the floor and keep that engagement throughout.
2. Squeeze your legs and thighs together and lift them 8-12 inches off the floor.
3. Start to lift one leg while keeping the other still.
4. Keep a light touch on your palms so you are really using your core for this.
5. REST as needed!

Abs Exercise #5: Balancing Crunches

1 set x 10 reps 
(1 rep = 5 pulses to lift, and 5 pulses to lower)

1. Start with your back on the floor.
2. Squeeze your legs together to lift them about 12-24″ off the floor. (If you need to keep them higher, that’s ok too. If your lower back doesn’t feel good, then modify by bending the knees. Keep your shins parallel to the floor).
3. Start to pulse your hands on your sides.
4. Take 5 pulses to lift your chest high and 5 pulses to lower. See if you can keep your shoulders off the floor the entire time.
5. Keep your spine long as you lift up.
6. If you need to lower your shoulders back onto the floor in between reps, please do!

Finally, to get your 6 pack abs:
You want to work different parts of your abdomen muscles. Therefore, alternating lower abs with upper abs, and obliques will get you really great results. Diet does play a part. Plus, the more active you are, the faster you will be able to get the results you’re looking for!

*** Please use caution and listen to your body, especially when attempting a new exercise. If anything doesn’t feel good at all, stop or make modifications as needed.


  • Paulina
    January 4, 2020

    This is killing me! 😀
    But I don’t give up!

    • User Avatar
      Dance Insanity
      January 13, 2020

      Nice Paulina! Keep it up. Only getting stronger. 🙂

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