Sexy Office Exercises – 5 Latin Dance Moves You Can Do At Your Desk

Sexy Latin Dance Moves you can practice at work

Yes! It’s time for another episode of “Sexy Office Exercises” with my “Clark Kent” glasses! Not sure how much work I’m really getting done… especially without a desk. 😉 With or without the glasses, get some attention at work by whipping out these Latin Dance moves in your office! (And if you get a raise, I get 5%!)

Exercise #1: Chair line

1 set of 10 reps (1 rep = 1 chair line for each leg)

Where is this used?
Paso Doble Chasse Cape, Bolero Back Basic, Layback in any dance

1. Make your knees kiss each other when one leg is out.
2. Lift the Supporting Heel off the floor.
3. Work those glute muscles!
4. Point the foot that’s straight.
5. Back Straight por favor! Leave arching to the Arches National Park!

PS: Pouting is optional for these Latin Dance moves. 😉

Exercise #2: Plait/ Inside Swivels

1 set of 10 reps (1 rep = Plait to left and right)

Where is this used?
Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive… need I say more? Leaders will use this too… say in Samba Locks and Spot Turns. 


1. Draw a Circle with the moving leg.
2. Turn on the ball of the standing leg.
3. Keep your shoulders facing forward.
4. Engage your back and ab muscles to move your leg.
5. Offset your hips to your shoulders. That’s the secret sexy sauce!

This step should feel and look incredibly sexy… so, put some mojo into it and see it come to life!

PS: we’ll be putting up exercises to work on this particular step, so stay tuned.

Exercise #3: Side Lunge

1 set of 10 reps (1 rep = forward & back)

Where is this used?
Most commonly in Samba (figures where you step to the side: Whisk, Side Step etc) and Side Lunge Shape in any dance.

1. No bumpy flights on the landing! Pay attention to the weight change and control your landing of the heel. Silent landings are best.
2. One leg bent, and one leg straight.
3. The hip of the straight leg should be lifted. Squeeze your side abs to lift that hip as you transfer weight off the foot.
4. Keep toes nailed to the same spot as you transfer from side to side.
5. SMILE!!  

Exercise #4: Close & Swivel

1 set of 10 reps (1 rep = right, then left)

Where is this used?
Any dance with a grape vine or closing of foot. IE: Rumba/ Cha Cha Together-Together.

1. In the Together position, keep ankles close and feet pointed out.
2. Swivel on the inside edge of the balls of the feet.

3. Power the hip twist with your abs, back and glutes.
4. Emphasize rotation by keeping your shoulder more still towards the front.

Exercise #5: Layback

2 sets of 5 reps
(Do one set on the right, and one set on the left.)

Where is this used?
Hmm… in a layback? DUH. And note, playbacks can be done in many places and within many different tricks and dips.

Do not strain the neck or back.
It’s NOT about how far you can throw your head back!!

What this Latin Dance move IS:
Creating lift and power in your own body to support your weight during a layback.  

1. The chair line position is just like Exercise #1 in this series.
2. Focus on lifting your chest to the sky instead of dropping the neck back.
3. Let the neck drop only as far as it will go.
4. Push your pelvis up by squeezing your butt cheeks!
5. Finally, to exit the layback, use your core strength to lift your  torso back up.

Finally, Latin Dance Moves are not limited to just steps. Enjoy these other Exercises:

Use our weekly free tips and dance lessons to strengthen your body and get comfortable moving. Ultimately, Dance is an exciting journey and we are all growing in our own ways, no matter what our level. Therefore, do your best, have fun, be safe and no matter what, as long as you are making progress, that’s great!


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