Learn to Dance Cha Cha – Top 10 Basic CHA CHA Steps for Beginners

Can you learn the basic ChaCha steps in 20 minutes? Just follow-along with this video tutorial to learn our top 10 Basic Cha Cha steps to get you going on the dance floor. Even if you’ve been dancing the Cha Cha for a while, this is still a really good tutorial to reinforce must-have techniques and skills. You definitely can pick up extra tips to spruce up your dance skills!

What you’ll learn in this Cha Cha lesson:

    1. Top 10 Basic Cha Cha steps for beginners
    2. Learn the Leader and follower parts separately
    3. Learn how to dance these 10 basic chacha steps with a partner.
    4. Simple partnering Techniques for Latin Ballroom dancing
    5. International Cha Cha Timing and rhythms
    6. A basic Cha Cha dance routine that you can practice with these 10 basic steps.
    7. How to dance to cha cha music

In addition, you’ll also be warned of common mistakes made in the Cha Cha, so you can start building good habits right away!

10 ChaCha Steps you’ll learn:

      1. Cha Cha Basic – 1:27  /CHACHA Timing – 2:12
      2. New Yorker – 3:02
      3. Under Arm Turn – 4:00
      4. Hand to Hand – 5:37
      5. Spot Turn – 7:00
      6. Shoulder to Shoulder – 9:47
      7. Runs – 11:13
      8. Basic in Place – 12:09
      9. Time Step – 13:43
      10. There and Back – 14:53
    1. Cha Cha Basic Routine for beginners (with counts): 16:10
    2. Cha Cha Basic Routine for beginners (with music & steplist): 18:13
    3. Cha Cha Basic Routine for beginners (with music): 19:11

For each of the above steps, you’ll learn:

A. What the step looks like with a partner
B. Leader’s part
C. Follower’s part
D. Timing of the step

At the end of the 10 steps, you’ll put it together into a routine and finally dance along with us to music! OH YEAH! Don’t panic. Slow Cha Cha music, of course.

There is no hurry for you to learn it all at once. Remember, repetition is key. There is a lot of information, and body awareness as well as muscle memory that is required for Partner dancing. So, take your time, create some goals for what you want and start moving!

What is easy? What is challenging for you? Leave us a comment below. And if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. 🙂

If you’ve mastered these 10 cha cha steps. What’s next?

For those who want a little more challenge after this, you can check out some other videos such as:

Cha Cha Basic Armstyling (Intermediate Tutorial)

Basic Cha Cha – Back Chasse/ Lock Step Details (Beginner Tutorial)

How to dance Cha Cha Turkish Towel 5 Ways (Advanced Tutorial)

Want to learn the basic more slow?

Start with this other Basic Cha Cha Compact Chasse Step for Beginners Tutorial instead – where Tytus shows you the absolute basic step very slowly. After you’ve done that, then come back to this tutorial. Remember, this is a new language. So, repetition is key, and move at the pace that works best for you. Most of all, have fun!


  • Indra
    October 3, 2022

    Really Really stimulating and easily
    understandable steps but the sexy
    movement need slower longer explanation
    God bless you tow
    Thank you

  • Christina
    October 10, 2021

    Great tutorial! Well presented by both of you.
    Can you tell me the title of the cha cha music?

    • User Avatar
      Dance Insanity
      November 27, 2021

      It’s called Chacapella. 🙂

  • Hannah Mae
    June 6, 2021

    what is the most difficult dance steps in dancing cha cha? why?

    • User Avatar
      Dance Insanity
      June 7, 2021

      Hannah, That’s an interesting (and loaded) question. Steps can be difficult in terms of direction, footwork, technique, connection and other factors. What is the reason you ask?

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