Learn to Dance Rumba – Top 10 Basic RUMBA Steps for Beginners

Welcome to this Crash Course on International Rumba. If you’re brand new to dancing, then you’re in the right place!

In this easy to follow 20 minute tutorial, you’ll be learning

    1. The Top 10 Basic Rumba steps for beginners (We show you the Leader parts and follower parts separately, as well as how to dance these 10 rumba steps with a partner.)
    2. Simple partnering Techniques for Latin Ballroom dancing
    3. International Rumba Timing and rhythms (This short tutorial explains the differences between International style Rumba vs American style Rumba)
    4. A basic Rumba dance routine that you can practice with these 10 basic steps.
    5. How to dance to music

Even if you’ve been dancing the Rumba for a while, this is a good refresher course. Otherwise you can check out some other videos such as:

5 Cool Ways to dance the Rumba Aida (Intermediate Tutorial)

Intermediate Rumba Opening Out Variations (Intermediate Tutorial)

5 Ways to Get into Sliding Doors (Advanced Tutorial)

. And if for some reason, this course seems too fast for you, don’t worry about it! Start with this other Basic Rumba Step for Beginners Tutorial instead – where we breakdown the absolute basic step very slowly. After you’ve done that, then come back to this tutorial. Move at the pace that works best for you, and have fun!

10 Rumba Steps you’ll learn in this tutorial:

      1. Rumba Basic
      2. Cucaracha
      3. Side Step
      4. Under Arm Turn (UAT)
      5. New Yorker (also called “New York”)
      6. Hand to Hand
      7. Aida
      8. Cuban Rock
      9. Natural Top
      10. Opening Out

For each of the above steps, you’ll learn:

A. What the step looks like with a partner
B. Leader’s part
C. Follower’s part
D. Timing of the step

At the end of the 10 steps, you’ll learn how to put it together into a routine and finally dance along with us to music! Yippee.

Beauty of this tutorial, is that you don’t have to learn it all at once. Remember, repetition is key. There is a lot of information, and body awareness as well as muscle memory that is required for Partner dancing. So, take your time, create some goals for what you want and start moving!

Any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Any other suggestions/ ideas for steps, techniques you want to learn, let us know below.


  • William Kinney
    October 30, 2023

    My wife and I are retired in our sixties and both musicians. I fell in love with the Bossa Nova style of piano playing. We have many dances in our Fl.community.I have played for many dances now I want to dance. We love you two and you are so much fun to learn from. It has brought us closer as a couple and many couples say we want to dance too. Thanks so much William Kinney

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