30 Day CHA CHA Challenge

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Tracy Fletcher from Sweden completed this 30 Day Cha Cha Challenge. She says:  

"This truly was amazing! I’ve improved my dancing with Cleaner and sharper movements. I feel like the information I got in this course, was like the missing puzzle piece. All the little tips made it make sense to me. I love how fun LiWen is and her enthusiasm is infectious! This course made me more motivated in wanting to do my best. I’m totally more confident and it has made me more motivated in wanting to do my best, and believing in myself. Amazing course! Have enjoyed it so much." 

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30 Day Cha Cha Challenge - Improve your Cha Cha Technique with LiWen Ang - Dance Insanity

This 30 Day Online Course will have you dancing Cha Cha with good technique and style! 

This popular course is based on the power of structure. 

Yes - you will learn steps! Yay. These STEPS will progress from basic "must-know" figures into popular intermediate and more advanced figures, so you can start to learn the "alphabet" of the Cha Cha dance. 

How to dance well? You'll learn TECHNIQUE in digestible and structured ways because it's important for you to understand the principles of the movements - hip action, leg action, dance posture, arm styling, body shapes etc. Most importantly, you'll learn how to practically apply technique to the steps. 

To improve your BALANCE & STRENGTH, you'll cross-train with various core and balance exercises. 

The magic is in the "MORE DANCING" - she prescribes ways for you to practice these movements with technique, so you can actually embody them while dancing to music! 

Having FUN and staying motivated are the only ways to create massive improvements in your dancing! So, LiWen brings great energy and enthusiasm in this course, that will keep you inspired and brighten up your day. 

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No other courses have these features! 

✔️ Day 31 Choreography VIDEO Lesson
Uplevel what you've learnt in the 30 days, with this fancier routine! Helps build your skills, and challenge yourself.

✔️ CHA CHA MUSIC Playlists (categorized by SLOW, MEDIUM and REGULAR Cha Cha TEMPO)
Dancing slowly to counts versus dancing to music are really different. Lots of times, students lose their technique that they try so hard to acquire, once the music comes on. NOT WITH US! LiWen will show you how to incorporate technique while dancing to music! And we have a variety of really good cha cha songs that LiWen has specially chosen, and sorted by tempo. OH YEAH. That's how we roll. ;)

This is a fantastic feature! We want to make practice as convenient as possible because practicing good dance habits are important. Therefore, you can just follow- along with visual aid, without having to press replay. 

✔️ Weekly MOTIVATION Emails throughout the 30 Days
Building a new habit takes commitment.  And a little support goes a long way! We're here to help you build on your momentum and finish what you start because we know you can improve your dancing tremendously with this challenge. Let's go!  

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PRICE: $199

That's less than $6.50 per day (for 31 days), 

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it's actually so much less than that, because you get to keep using it as long as you like.

What students are saying

One of most complete and clear instructions for such a dancing course! This course is complete training for dancing, not just moving/choreography, also workouts. I really feel my dance skills have improved, especially in synchronization of the hips with the body. I'll do it again, inside and out!


I am feeling and seeing a big difference and it's very exciting...yay...at last! My hips are finally showing some wiggle and I am feeling way more confident in my dancing, and feeling more present in my body. Fantastic course. I’ve learnt so much. This course had the best arm styling lesson I have ever had ? So happy. The lessons are short and sweet and fun, with an incredible amount of attention to detail. I love your teaching and your vibrant nature and am so happy and grateful to be getting such amazing coaching from you. Thank you LiWen. You’re dynamic. 


This truly was amazing! I’ve improved my dancing with cleaner and sharper movements. I feel like the information I got in this course, was like the missing puzzle piece. All the little tips made it make sense to me. I love how fun LiWen is and her enthusiasm is infectious! I’m totally more confident and it has made me more motivated in wanting to do my best, and believing in myself. Amazing course! Have enjoyed it so much. Thank you!!!


Another terrific course. I really appreciate the way you keep it fun, interesting, and motivational. All the information in the world is of no use if it is not delivered well, and Dance Insanity has perfected the art of online delivery. Looking forward to the next course, whatever it may be.

Leland Prouty, USA

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30 Day Cha Cha Challenge

Online Course

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