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Steps & Connections 

Imagine that YOU are the partner that everyone can't wait to dance with.

Harness the magic of partnering connections to improve the way YOU move.

Do you want to create magical connections with your partner, no matter who you're dancing with?

What is connection and how does it work?

We can all agree that connection is the root of partner dancing. Yet, good partnering is sorely missing on the social dance floor. This is something that is sometimes touched upon in private lessons and very rarely taught in group classes. That is just NOT OKAY with us! 

Just like dance technique, connection with a partner is also a technique, a skill that can be learnt. Take a step like the New Yorker or a Basic, for example: There is footwork, timing as well as technique to how you dance your body. Similarly, there is also a connection “technique” for each step. YES! Really.

There are techniques for holding your partner, where to apply pressure for the connection and which direction the pressure needs to go, for both partners. This is true for any step!

Therefore, with the right information and methods of practicing, YOU can become a fabulous leader or (and) follower. Ultimately, you can literally lead and follow anything. IMAGINE THAT! 

What you NEED is... Connection Techniques on

WHAT to do to connect, 

WHEN to do it,

and HOW to do it. 

That's why we created the

CHA CHA Steps & Connections
online course

In this course, we show you 12 short combinations of steps, ranging from beginner to intermediate ​with 3 BONUS advanced combinations. This course has a strong emphasis on partnering skills and connections. You will use these steps to build a solid foundation to improve your leading and following skills.

 Improve your own dancing (speed, stretch, power) by harnessing the power of connections!

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What's included in the course videos?

We encourage you to go through the introduction videos first. Then, you can jump around freely to the lessons that interest you the most. Or go through the course sequentially. Your choice!


Section 1: Introduction (4 Lessons)

Hello from Tytus & LiWen and what to expect out of this course! 

We start with connection principles to build your foundation and understanding of how connection works, as well as ways for you to practice. 


Section 2: Six Short Combinations - Beg Level
(7 Lessons)

This Section is focused on the details of what to do with each part of your body. Here you will learn a set of 5 fundamental and important Cha Cha steps. Tytus will use his unique and effective BODY SCOPE method to teach you how to use your feet, legs, knees, hips, arms and upper body. This is the fundamentals of Cha Cha technique right here. 

Just by going through these 7 Lessons, you will gain clarity as to how to use each part of your body. You will also learn how to put all the pieces together with Music. 

This section is divided into 7 individual video lessons. Each lesson is up to 15 minutes long. 


Section 3: Six Short Combinations - Beg/ Int. Level
(7 Lessons)

What is Cha Cha rhythm and how do you stay on time? Here, Tytus clarifies what timing and musicality means, and how to be rhythmic. It'll be eye-opening!


Section 4: Three Short Combinations - Int./Adv Level
(5 Lessons)

Now, we incorporate more advanced figures into the mix. And finally, we'll dance all 15 combinations back to back to music.  


Section 5: Conclusion (1 Lesson)

How to move forward with what you've learnt. 

Here’s What You’ll Get in the Course

This is an online Dance Course.  
All the lessons are taught via video format, with added description and notes accompanying each lesson.

Instant Access to 24 Video Lessons

Once you purchase the course, you will get instant access to all the video lessons. There's no wait time. Once you purchase the course, you will get an email with instructions to login to your account on Dance Insanity's website. From there, you can start your course right away! 

How long is this course?

There are 24 lessons, totaling about 110 minutes of video instruction by Tytus & LiWen.

Repeat, Rewind, Slow down... Use the course whenever, and wherever you like.  

No more fear of slowing the class down or not being able to catch up! Now, you have the flexibility of choosing when and where to do your lessons. No more fear of being judged by your instructor/ peers and also no more guilt of asking your instructor to repeat information you've heard before! 

Now, you can also slow down the videos and repeat the courses as many times as you like. 

The videos are streamed via our website and you'll always have life-time access once you've purchased the course.

Bite-Sized Lessons 

Each video lesson is 10 minutes or less, with focused content. Easy to follow and apply.

Lesson Notes, Quizzes, Additional Practice Tips

Each Video lesson is accompanied by Summary notes or mini quizzes/ Self-checkup practice notes and tips. 

There is also a discussion section for you to ask questions.


We have added overhead birdseye perspective of the connections. This shows you really clearly what and where the hands are going. 

About Your Instructors,

Tytus and LiWen have been dancing together for the past 15+ years - focusing on performing, coaching and training. They founded Dance Insanity in 2017, with a passion to spread the love of dancing and training to all who desire to learn around the world. 

Tytus is a 4 time United States Latin Dance Champion and has coached many World champions, and trained at an elite level for 30+ years. He is actively dancing and training all the time. His passion is boundless, and he believes that a person's potential and talent has no ceiling.

LiWen is a licensed Architect (oh yeah... she's got the smarts! ;)), a professional dancer, a classically trained pianist and is , and a Yoga instructor.  She trained in modern dance, ballet, classical chinese dance, hip hop and cheerleading since the age of 11 and then expanded her passion to Latin dancing. 

What makes their teaching unique and effective is their emphasize on ONLY teaching things that they have experimented, trained and do in their own bodies. LiWen has a strong focus on musicality and clear layering of instruction. Just like designing a building, she builds her students from the ground up, giving them a solid foundation. Tytus focuses on storytelling and using passion to help his students level up.  

Together, they bring creativity, experience and structure to their teaching and online courses. Besides their dance and teaching chops, Tytus and LiWen are all about creating positivity to create possibility. Through dance, their mission is to lift the energy and improve the lives of all their students around the world. 

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Your transformation and dancing matter to us! We want to make sure that you're 100% satisfied with our course! So, you can feel safe, taking this for a spin, try it out, learn what you can. If you decide that this course is not for you, just email us within 30 days from date of purchase and we'll give you a full refund. Easy. 

Cha Cha Steps & Connections

Online Course


Jump in! 

Your dancing matters to us, because we strongly support anyone who goes after their passion and dreams. NOW is always the right time to work on yourself. 

We'll see you in the Cha Cha Steps & Connections Course!

Tytus & LiWen

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