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Use Technique to help you transform your dancing, 

no matter what level you are at.

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Getting Good Latin Technique should NOT be

hard, complicated and confusing

Would you like to improve quickly but don't know how?

Most latin dancers desire to have great latin technique, but are stumped by the "complexities" because technique is often presented in unclear, unorganized ways. There's so much to do - footwork, hip action, leg power, pointy toes, turnout, core strength, stretch, arm styling, posture, connections....yada..yada... and yet, your teacher and even yourself, expect YOU to get them all in at once, to regular speed music! 

No wonder it seems daunting!? 

You know you want to improve your technique, but there may already be a mental and/or physical block to doing it. I mean, after all, how often do hear someone say: "YEAH! I can't wait to practice my dance technique for the next 4 hours!" (Unless you live with Tytus, in which case, you'll hear this all the time.) 

See, Tytus is always passionate about practice. He can't get enough technique. Is it because he's a sucker for pain? haha.. good guess. It's actually because he has broken the code to making Technique and practice, F.U.N. :) 

There are many reasons you may not be improving at the rate you want to. Some problems you may be encountering are: 

  • Lack of the right information and guidance
  • Not knowing how/ what to practice
  • Doing everything so slowly, but not being able to implement your "perfect" technique to music. 
  • Trying to do everything at once and ironically, nothing ends up happening
  • Your Body doesn't want to do what your Brain tells it to do
  • You have "bad" dance habits you don't know how to break
  • What you "feel" you look like, is nothing like what you see when you watch yourself

So, how can YOU change that?

What you NEED is... 

Tytus' unique and  simple method to learn and implement

ALL the Latin Cha Cha techniques into your body

because you want to dance to music with fluidity, expression and style.

That's why Tytus created the

CHA CHA Technique Essentials
online course

"I have been on a mission to de-mystify Latin Dancing because I want to simplify technique for all my students, so that anyone can learn if they want to. With this Cha Cha Technique Essentials online course, you will learn how to simply and clearly implement all your Latin techniques, so that it's doable and easy to apply. This way, you can get your Latin technique down quickly and effectively, at your own pace." ~ Tytus Bergstrom 

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Here’s What You’ll Get in the Course

This is an online Dance Course. All the lessons are taught via video format, with added description and notes accompanying each lesson. Once you purchase the course, you can login to your account on Dance Insanity's website to view your course right away!

Instant Access to 21 Video Lessons

Once you purchase the course, you will get instant access to all the video lessons. There are 21 lessons, totaling about 135 minutes (more than 2 hours) of video instruction by Tytus Bergstrom. 

Lesson Notes, Quizzes, Additional Practice Tips

Each Video lesson is accompanied by Summary notes or mini quizzes/ Self-checkup practice notes and tips. 

There is also a discussion section for students to ask questions.

Repeat, Rewind, Slow down... Use the course whenever, and wherever you like.  

No more fear of slowing the class down or not being able to catch up! Now, you have the flexibility of choosing when and where to do your lessons. No more fear of being judged by your instructor/ peers and also no more guilt of asking your instructor to repeat information you've heard before! 

Now, you can also slow down the videos and repeat the courses as many times as you like. 

The videos are streamed via our website and you'll always have life-time access once you've purchased the course.

Bite-Sized Lessons full of "Dance" nutrients

All video lessons are 15 minutes or less, with focused content. No more confusion. Easy to follow and apply.

**NEW Bonus Practice Videos 

We have Practice Videos included within lessons, that *magically* replay until you press stop. No more messing with the controls, to have to re-start/ rewind to the practice parts. Now, you can keep practicing along with Tytus for as long as you like! :)

There is sooo much value in visual osmosis - to copy your teacher while practicing. Having Tytus to copy and follow along while you practice is a great tool to help you improve even faster. (Especially for our visual learners out there)

What can you expect in the course?

This course is progressive and each lesson builds on the previous one. There are 8 main sections in total, each with various video lessons. You can go through the course sequentially the first time round, then feel free to jump around to the lessons that you want to work on most. 


Section 1: Introduction 

Hello from Tytus and what to expect out of this course!


Section 2: Technical Breakdown/ Body Scope 
(7 Lessons)

This Section is focused on the details of what to do with each part of your body. Here you will learn a set of 5 fundamental and important Cha Cha steps. Tytus will use his unique and effective BODY SCOPE method to teach you how to use your feet, legs, knees, hips, arms and upper body. This is the fundamentals of Cha Cha technique right here. 

Just by going through these 7 Lessons, you will gain clarity as to how to use each part of your body. You will also learn how to put all the pieces together with Music. 

This section is divided into 7 individual video lessons. Each lesson is up to 15 minutes long. 


Section 3: Rhythm (2 Lessons)

What is Cha Cha rhythm and how do you stay on time? Here, Tytus clarifies what timing and musicality means, and how to be rhythmic. It'll be eye-opening!


Section 4: Cha Cha Chasses (2 Lessons)

What makes Cha Cha are its Chasses/ Triple Steps. In this section, Tytus shows you 7 commonly used chasses. Then he goes into fine details of their footwork, technique, as well as commonly made mistakes! So you don't make them. 

He wraps them up in a nice routine you can practice to hone your chasses. 


Section 5: Swivels & Dance Drills (3 Lessons)

You can't get away from swivels in dance. Swivels allow you to turn gracefully, fluidly and safely. In these 3 lessons, you'll learn 2 important types of swivels and practical applications to use them and practice. 


Section 6: Choreography (2 Lessons)

Now, it's time to take it up a notch! Learn 2 pieces of short choreography to hone your Cha Cha skills and make you more versatile and creative as a dancer.

The first lesson is more of a beginner/intermediate level. 

The 2nd lesson is more advanced, with spirals, syncopated footwork etc. It's nice to learn these elements to break up your pattern, and build your arsenal of cha cha steps and creativity.


Section 7: Arm Styling

Arm Styling is your magic sauce. It's super important as a technical element.

That's why Tytus is dedicating one section just to this. This section expands upon the Arm Styling lesson in Section 2. This all important lesson gives you 5 basic arm positions you can use, plus 7 more. And you get a practice routine to work on them. 


Section 8: Goals & Greatness (2 Lessons)

Why do you dance?

So much of dancing is also about mental dexterity, focus, passion and desire. In this Section, Tytus helps you explode your dancing by expanding your mind. The goal: to help you become the dancer you always want to be. 

About Your Instructor,

Tytus is a 4 time United States Latin Dance Champion and has coached many World champions, and trained at an elite level for 30+ years. He is actively dancing and training all the time. His passion is boundless, and he believes that a person's potential and talent has no ceiling.

What's unique about his teaching style? He absolutely cares about his students transforming and becoming the best dancer they can be. That's why he is adamant about ONLY teaching things that he has embodied through his own dancing. 

His experience spans from coaching World-class dancers to working with more beginner/ intermediate dancers. While he thinks it's great to work with high level dancers, one of his favorite things, is teaching beginner dancers and seeing them transform... quickly! His goal is to inspiring others to expand their passion and potential.

Since Tytus is a filmmaker, he also uses storytelling to enhance his teachings and make the lessons fun and entertaining for you, so that YOU can have a great learning experience, and grow more quickly. 

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Your transformation and dancing matter to us! We want to make sure that you're 100% satisfied with our course! So, you can feel safe, taking this for a spin, try it out, learn what you can. If you decide that this course is not for you, just email us within 30 days from date of purchase and we'll give you a full refund. Easy. 

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Cha Cha Technique Essentials 

Online Course

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Your dancing matters to me, because I strongly support anyone who goes after their passion and dreams. I hope you will take on this fun journey with me.

I'll see you in the Cha Cha Technique Essentials Course!


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