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    4 Class RUMBA Performance Series: Sundays May 9th, 16th, 23th & 30th
    11am – 12:15pm Pacific Time

    Each session is 75 minutes, with Tytus & LiWen
    Get Interactive feedback during class to maximize improvements.
    Video performance optional.

    You’ll get a short video recap after each class (except week 4).

    All solo dancing.

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  • Dance Diary - A Dancer's Practice Journal


    The Dance Diary (Designed by LiWen) is a one-of-a-kind dance journal designed to plan and track your lessons, practices and progress. This diary can help you become the dancer you want to be, by providing focus and structure for your practices and learning. The weekly entry pages are uniquely formatted based on use and feedback from social dancers, competitive dancers and dance coaches. Each entry page is complemented by a different inspirational quote. One book can last you more than a full year and you can start anytime.

    A stylish, and functional book, that is lightweight and fits easily into a purse and dance bag.

    Suitable for dancers of all styles, levels and ages.

    Designed by LiWen Ang

    Organize Your Dance Practices with the Dance Diary by Dance Insanity

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  • Paso Doble Song with Counts _Dance Insanity_Spanish Ghetto_Espana Cani

    INCLUDES: 2 versions of the SPANISH GHETTO song + 1 Phrasing Cheatsheet (Instant Download upon purchase)


    This SPANISH GHETTO – Paso Doble Song Package includes:

    1. Original Version of Spanish Ghetto (A Dance Insanity Original Song) – 2:19
    2. Version of Spanish Ghetto with Audible Counts – 2:19
    3. BONUS: Phrasing Cheatsheet – breakdown of Phrasing & accents of the song (understand and use this classic phrasing for any Paso Doble dance routine)

    The Espana Cani Song is the most popular Paso Doble song for competition due to its unique phrasing structure and iconic tune. Using the Espana Cani song structure, we created our own arrangement called “SPANISH GHETTO”, but to a slower tempo and with a more contemporary and edgy vibe.

    SPANISH GHETTO is a great song for practice (without having to slow it down), and also for performances. We also include a bonus phrasing cheatsheet to help you match your choreography to the phrasing and accents of the music to enhance the full effect and drama of the Paso Doble dance.  OLE!

    Upon purchase, you will receive downloads of the songs and cheatsheet.

    If you use this song online, all we ask is that you provide courtesy credit to 🙂  

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    Are you at a loss as to what to improve and specifically, HOW to improve your dancing?
    Would you like to get instructions and specific tips that are personalized to you?

    This is what video feedback submissions are for!

    How it WORKS:
    Step 1. Submit a video of up to 1 minute of your dancing (solo or couple) – in any latin style.

    Step 2. Either Tytus or LiWen will review your video in-depth and provide constructive and specific feedback for you to work on.

    Step 3. Work on your dancing and IMPROVE!

    You can submit videos for various dances/ steps/ actions, or use it weekly for the same steps/ actions to track your progress (recommended).
    Each video submission is up to 1 minute each. Once you complete your purchase, you will get instructions on how to upload your videos and receive feedback. It’s very easy!

    1 Video Submission for $25
    Pack of 4 Video Submissions for $80 (save $20) – $20 per video
    Pack of 8 Video Submissions for $120 (save $80) – $15 per video

    Video Packs to be used up within 4 months of purchase because we want to encourage you to create momentum and regularity in your learning! 

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