5 Common Mistakes In International Rumba AND How To Fix Them (Part II)

How to dance International Rumba walks

So often, we hear people say “Fake it till you make it”. But if your dancing isn’t improving, then maybe faking is just isn’t making it?!? Welcome to Part Deux of the 5 commonly made mistakes in International Rumba and quick ways to correct them TODAY! If you missed Part I of the 5 common mistakes in International Rumba, check it out!

Mistake #1: Criss Crossing Rumba Walks

Criss Crossing the feet in the rumba walk can be a stylistic choice, but needs to be accompanied first by a swivel action because you are changing direction.

Practice Tips:
1. Imagine keeping your feet on 2 separate tracks as you do your walks.

Mistake #2: Turned In Feet on New Yorker

​Press Line Practice Tips:

1. Swivel on the standing leg.
2. Lead with the heel of the free foot forward.
3. Make sure toes point outwards away from the other foot.
4. Squeeze your butt to Keep your inner thighs & heels turned out.

Mistake #3: Unruly Hip Action in Cuban Rocks

Practice Tips:

1. Do Body Action before you shift your weight.
​2. Do your Body Action on the “AND” counts.

Mistake #4: Unruly Hip Action in Rumba Basic

International Rumba Practice Tips:

  1. Do body action on Standing Leg.

Mistake #5: Swatting Flies Arm Styling

International Rumba Practice Tips:

1. Extend your arm fully on the counts of 2,3 & 4.
2. Keep your arms at shoulder level or slightly higher when you open it up.
3. Extend the same arm as the leg you are standing on.
TO practice this, you can use our Bare Bones Arm Styling videos!

A final word about improving your International Rumba Dance Technique:

The ability to self-correct is a truly power one. That is one reason why some dancers improve drastically over a short period of time, while others stagnate. Learn to recognize what you are doing wrong, then use these tips to make the corrections! So, as you practice, look for the Nopes in your own body and movements, so that you can start dancing the YUP way. 🙂


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