5 Exercises 5 minutes to Get Sexy Leg Action

How to get Latin Dance Sexy Leg Action

Say Hello to Sexy Leg Action! Yes… even for the men. These 5 exercises will strengthen and build flexibility in your feet, create more power as you push off your foot, improve your balance and create fuller hip action with the use of your legs. Great conditioning not just for latin dancers, but for any sort of dancing. These are also easy to do, and you can even do them almost anywhere. Forget about Win Win… these are Win Win Win Win WIN! 😉

Exercise #1: Foot Flippers

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 rep = alternate point in left and right feet)
​Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
Benefits: Foot/ Ankle Flexibility and strengthening calves and shins

1. Sit up Tall throughout the exercise and engage your core.
2. Point one foot, while flexing the other. Pause for a second, then switch.
3. Keep your knees straight.

Exercise #2: Arch Builder

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 rep = left and right feet)
​Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
​Benefits: Foot/ Ankle Flexibility & Sexy Leg Action

1. Press strongly into ball of foot to increase the arch.
2. If you cannot roll over the top of your foot, go to the tippy toe and feel the stretch. Do not overstrain.
3. Keep your hips level the whole time.

Exercise #3: Panini Feet Press

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 rep = left and right feet)
Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
Switch with other foot forward before beginning 2nd set.
Benefits: Foot/ Ankle Strengthening & Balance Building

1. Keep your knees straight.
2. When both heels are up, balance for a second (or longer!).
3. Engage your core by pulling your abs tight.

Exercise #4: Open Says Me

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 set on each side)
​Rest 10 seconds in between sets. 
Benefits: Stretching Leg & Back for Fuller Hip Action (For Latin Dance)

1. Press strongly into ball of foot to engage your leg.
2. Try to open your side body so that your belly button points to the side wall.
3. Straighten the back knee as much as possible in the open “hip” position.

Exercise #5: Towel Twister

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 set with each leg)
​Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
​Benefits: Leg Stretch and Hip Rotation (for Latin Dance)

1. Keep a tight hold on the ends of the towel so you engage your arms and chest.
2. Point your toes as you stretch your leg behind you and open up that side hip (using the technique in exercise #4)
3. When your ankles come together, open the hip of the standing leg.

A final word about getting sexy leg action:

Strengthening your feet, ankles, calves, thigh muscles and hips, can ultimately, vastly improve your latin dance technique by giving you more power, balance and beautiful leg action.

Instead of “one day I will”… let’s make “today, Day 1”.

​What else are you working on? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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