Knee Exercises for Dancers to Improve your SAMBA

Why focus on the knees in today’s Feel Good Friday Video? Because I believe that the secret to making the Samba bounce look good lies in the way you use your knees. You’ll get a little clue as to how, in the video today. ?
** NOTE: Keep your glutes engaged when you do all these exercises, to support your knee joint.

Before we move into today’s knee exercises for Samba, I want to clarify a few misconceptions about the bent knee action in Samba:

  1. Bending your Knee in Samba is NOT the same as doing a “lunge” like in a workout.
  2. Bent knees in Samba doesn’t mean they are bent ALL the time. You still use alternating straight and bent knee actions.
  3. Just because you bend your knees does NOT mean that you are actually doing the Samba Bounce. Samba bounce without hip action is most likely just the samba bop. ? YUP. You heard that right.

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And back to today’s Feel Good Friday video! We’ll first warm up our bodies with some knee circles. Pretend you’re a kid in the playground in kindergarten.
Then, we’ll move into 2 exercises to work your knee dexterity. 

  1. Alternating Knee Circles
  2. Skier Knee Motion

xx LiWen

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As always, a reminder to listen to your body, and only do things you’re comfortable with. 

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