Exercises to Improve your Posture & Mood

Today’s Feel Good Friday is about improving your posture. I firmly believe that changing our physiology can change our mood. So, having a good posture is not just great for dancing and your spinal health, but can also help you stay positive.

So, if the blues kick in, try this:

  • Sit/ Stand TALL and throw your arms up in the air
  • Open your face and eyes like you’re SHOCKED
  • Smile your biggest SMILE

Repeat this for a few minutes…and see if that doesn’t change your mood. 🙂

Speaking of blues….Staying home during this time has affected all of us. Tytus & I have made some very conscious decisions that have helped us continue to grow during this time. This week, I wanna share some things we do, that have made a big difference for us during this time. And some ?ideas for what YOU can do too to find more juice to uplift your daily life!

1. We decided not to let this slow down our dancing one bit… Even while the dance studios are closed. On the contrary, we are actually doing MORE dancing than ever right now. ??

?what small decision can you make to ramp up / start something you’re passionate about?

2. Music has been a huge source of inspiration during this time… Truly. ??? we’ve been creating choreography like crazy!
? what inspired you when you were a kid? How can that inspire you today?

3. Choosing to look on the bright side and practicing optimistic expression daily
? what is one small act of optimism you can incorporate into your daily routine?

4. Learning NEW things daily!
? what have you always wanted to learn?

5. Constantly improving our physical ??and mental ???‍♀️states with actionable habits we do everyday.
?5 minutes to do something physical + 5 minutes to just sit in silence.

6. Staying connected with our family, friends and students
? call or text someone just to say hi.

7. We literally work All the time. So we schedule unplug time every week just to enjoy and appreciate each other’s company and go out for walks in nature ?
? schedule timeout and go for a walk in a park ?without your phone.

8. We take FIVE minutes to appreciate each other at the end of everyday. ?
?Find 3 things that you are grateful for THAT DAY to acknowledge yourself / people you’re with before you go to bed tonight.

I hope this can help you in some way. And I’d also love to hear what other things you’re doing. Please share in the comments below.

Sending u light and love to see your own bright light ?and love?wherever u are.


Posture Exercises:  

  1. Warm up with Shoulder Circles
  2. V – Shoulder Squeeze
  3. Shoulder Butterflies
  4. Behind the Back Straight Arm Lift (you can also release the hands to straighten your elbows)
  5. Cross body Arm/ Shoulder Stretch

xx LiWen

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As always, a reminder to listen to your body, and only do things you’re comfortable with. 


  • User Avatar
    August 9, 2020

    thank you so much for the video and the encouragement…and the great classes! hugs and gratitude!

    • User Avatar
      LiWen Ang
      August 10, 2020

      Biggest Warmest Hugs baack to you, Joanne! Keep dancing. See you in the next class. xxx

  • User Avatar
    August 7, 2020

    Thanks for your encouraging words as I have been feeling coronavirus fatigue and a bit of depression like everyone else and I feel like being at home we’re working 24/7 and there is no time to really rest. Thanks for the tips as I know that one thing that I try to remind myself everyday, is to have an attitude of gratitude! Think of the blessings in my life every day, that I am alive, that my family is safe, that we have our dog who give us joy and also to keep moving, as dancing and exercise lift my spirits as well as my favorite music. Taking one day at a time and enjoying each moment. Thanks for your kind words LiWen!

    • User Avatar
      LiWen Ang
      August 10, 2020

      Karen, You’re so welcome! It’s an ironic thing to be home, and yet not feel restful. I’m grateful to have you here sharing your experiences with me and I’m sure your positive words are also reaching others who are reading this! What you said is so true – to focus on the many blessings of daily life.. and I believe that when we keep focusing on those blessings, more of that will be sure to show up for us. xx
      What’s your doggie’s name/ breed? ?

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