How to Dance The Cha Cha Cross Chasse

DanceInsanity-ChaCha Cross Chasse Technique

Equality is key! The ChaCha Cross Chasse (also known as Twist Chasse) is not only danced by the leader (often from open hip twist to Fan), but also frequently by the follower. Do you know where?

If you said the closed hip twist, you have won! Go ahead and hi-five yourself! So, BAM! We all need to know it. So, here is a step-by-step breakdown of this international Cha Cha figure. The chasse footwork only involves 3 steps, but lots of things are happening during those steps -swivels, rotations, weight changes, arm styling, and of course, attitude! So, let’s rock out this Chasse!

Exercise #1: Ankles Together

Practice Tips:

1. A good prep is critical. Take your time to set up your starting position.
2. Start with 2 straight legs and with your hips open towards the back leg.
3. Note that your standing leg should be turned out.
4. Bend the back knee and rotate the hip open towards the standing leg.
5. Bring ankles together (SERIOUSLY, make them smooch!)
6. Repeat as many times as needed. This is also a good warm-up.

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Exercise #2: Swivel Press Line

Practice Tips:

1. Swivel on the ball of your standing leg.
2. Rotate the hip open towards the standing leg.
3. Squeeze your butt and tighten your abs.
4. Tap your free foot forward and across your standing leg. (this is the press line position)
5. Turn out your front foot.

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Exercise #3: Swivel to Close

Practice Tips:

1. Transfer your weight onto the front foot with a swivel.
2. Note the front hip will then rotate open towards the front foot. Use this rotation to help you transfer weight.
3. Tap your back foot to meet the front foot (ankle to ankle position).
4. Both knees can be bent at this time (squeeze your thighs tight together)

Exercise #4: Swivel with Ankles Together

Practice Tips:

1. Swivel with both heels OFF the floor.
​2. Keep squeezing between the thighs and ankles to energize through your midline.
​3. Use a wall or chair for balance if you need.

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Exercise #5: Step to the Side

Practice Tips:

1. Keep both feet turned out as you step to the side (this means rotating your inner thighs and heels forward)
2. Land on 2 straight legs.
3. Release the heel of the free foot.

CHACHA Cross Chasse: Finally, Putting it Altogether

Practice Tips:

1. Try it slowly, then gradually increase your speed.
2. Keep firm pressure in the balls of the feet at all times.
3. Start practicing it with the timing: 4-and-1.

A final word about the Cha Cha Cross Chasse:

And so you have it! The technique of the ChaCha Cross Chasse. Practice it often so that it becomes a part of your body so you no longer have to think about it when the music comes on!

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