Cha Cha Cha

Learn the Cha Cha Cha Dance

How do you learn this dance?
What dance steps and techniques do you need to be a great cha cha dancer?
This Cha Cha guide gives you all that you need to get started and to keep honing your passion and skills. 

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Get to Know the Cha Cha Cha

Learn more about this mischievous and upbeat Latin dance.
Articles below COMING SOON

RHYTHMS: Learn about Cha Cha timing and rhythms

SONGS: What songs can you dance Cha Cha to?

BEGINNER: Never danced before? Is Cha Cha a good dance to start with?

LINGO: Learn dance terms related to the Cha Cha 

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Learn Cha Cha Steps 

The best way to start is to just START. 
Learn the steps first, then technique. You can use these VIDEO Tutorials to get you going! 
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Learn Cha Cha Technique

Although Cha Cha is a partner dance, improving your own technique does wonders to improve the way you dance with a partner. 
Tytus & LiWen - dance Insanity - online private dance lessons - cha cha cha
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Other Cha Cha Resources

Tips to support you in your learning - Below Topics coming soon
  • I want to compete. What dances should I learn?
  • Common Misconceptions about Latin Dancing
  • Been Dancing for years, but still a beginner level.

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