Samba Sunday Series – Student Online Performance Video

And for the very first time, we present this Sizzling online video Samba performance! (Quarantine Edition)
We’re so proud of our students who participated in this 3 week Samba Series. They learnt a specially choreographed routine over 3 weeks, got individual feedback from us during classes, worked really hard to improve their technique and performance. After the 3rd week, they videoed themselves and Tytus edited their videos into this group performance.

Please enjoy their wonderful dancing! Leave them a nice comment below!
Tytus & LiWen

Song: 3 to Tango by Pitbull
Choreography: Tytus
Coaching: Tytus & LiWen
Editing: Tytus


Amanda Janesick (CA)
Chris Williams (TX)
Emmy Pearson (UK)
Frank Gauthier (WI)
Lulu Zhang (PA)
Marie Davis (CA)
Nisha Srinivasa (CA)
Phylicia Simon (NY)
Rayo Ogunyinka (UK)


  • User Avatar
    August 26, 2020

    They got moves! What meant more to me than anything else is their bravery, their confidence and the love that exudes from every move. It tells me that they love who they are, feel great about who they are and are not afraid of showing it! Keep shaking those booties! Go dancers!

    • User Avatar
      Dance Insanity
      August 30, 2020

      Hey Corine! So true… that’s what we want for all our students – To help them shine their brightest. Thanks for your support of this group of dancers! 🙂

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