INSTANTLY Improve Your Paso Doble With These 5 Quick Tips

How to Do Paso Doble Technique

I absolutely LUUUURRRRF Paso Doble. It enticed me the first time I danced it, and I’ve only fallen deeper and deeper in love with this dance ever since. Even Tytus is jealous. 😉 Sometimes, I will just start singing the Paso Doble tune for no reason at all, especially when I’m driving or doing the dishes.
In this Lesson, we are focusing on improving only 2 steps:
1. The Appel (what you will typically see as a stomp of the foot, but is really just a step in place)
2. The forward walk
But the magic is that improving these 2 elements can improve your entire dance dramatically because these are common mistakes that are made throughout the dance. Is that awesome or what?

Paso Doble Tip #1: Maintain A Long Neck

Practice Tips:

1. Keep your neck long by pulling your shoulders down your back.
2. Tuck your chin to your chest and then pull it away from your chest.

Exercises for a great dance posture and frame here

Tip #2: Keep Your Gaze & Head Directly Forward

Practice Tips:

1. Look directly forward or at your partner.
2. Leave your Standard Ballroom frame in the closet!!!

Tip #3: Keep Your Frame Still During the Appel

Practice Tips:

1. Engage your chest, back and arms to keep your frame still.
2. Do not bounce your head.
3. Try making minimal noise with the Appel step.

Tip #4: Keep Your Free Leg In Contact With The Floor During The Appel

Practice Tips:

1. Practice NOT lifting your foot off the floor before the appel.
​2. Keep a slight bend in both knees after your appel.
3. Squeeze your thighs together during the appel.
4. Try to keep the sound of your foot hitting the ground on the appel soft by controlling the landing of the step.

Tip #5: Keep Your Tush Tucked Under

Practice Tips:

1. Squeeze your tush and keep your tailbone pointing down.
2. Practice walking by leading with the hips.
​3. Instead of leaning back with the body, push the hips forward by engaging your glutes and feel the natural counter-balance of the torso stretching back.

The Paso Doble as a social dance?

Most folks in the USA think of the Paso Doble as purely a performance or competitive dance. This has led to a situation where few dancers learn the Paso Doble, and even fewer dance studios would play it for a social dance. However, paso doble is actually widely danced in a social setting (yes, lead and follow) in Asia and Europe.

​Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think – Paso Doble social dancing – yay or neh?


  • User Avatar
    March 10, 2022

    Thank you for the advice I am just starting to learn Paso and really want to work on my posture and arm styling These tips will definitely help!

  • User Avatar
    Gary Cooper
    November 14, 2018

    I wish to thank you for the Paso tips. I have recently purchased twenty lessons from a ballroom studio instructor with a passion for international latin. I am coming from salsa/bachata dances. I know rumba should be my first effort,but I am infatuated with the paso; the command presence and structured discipline required.I attend dance festivals and the are always looking for show performances. I am excited and will not treat this dance as a hobby. Love your website, videos, and instructions. Back to Corky Ballas’s bronze dvd. Regards, Gary Cooper

    • User Avatar
      LiWen Ang
      November 19, 2018

      Hello Gary! Glad you are enjoying these tips and our videos. Paso Doble is my favorite dance, so I understand your infatuation! I fell in love with it the first time I danced it. It’s definitely a great dance to work on presentation, and expressions. Look forward to seeing you do a Paso piece. Feel free to share with us a video or two. Any questions about this, give us a buzz here. Also check out (if you haven’t already), our Paso Doble Top Ten Steps & Routine video here:

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