5 Exercises to SERIOUSLY Improve your Posture & Dance Frame

How to improve your dance frame & posture

A student recently showed me a gadget that he’d bought to correct his bad posture. Whenever he hunches over or bows his head forward, the device will vibrate to remind him to straighten up. Before you ask – where can I buy that? I’ll say that this gadget is merely a reminder tool – you’ll still need to cultivate the muscle¬†memory for good posturing and strength to hold that good dance frame while you are dancing. That’s why I’ve created the 5 exercises below – They are not just for posturing, but also to build good dance frame by strengthening your arms and shoulders. By doing them frequently, you will build muscle memory and strength to take good posturing not just on the dance floor, but into your everyday life. WHATT?? Yes, I know. It’s amazing. ūüôā

Exercise #1: Raise the Roof

1 set x 10 reps

Benefits: Builds shoulder strength and elongates neck.

1. Stand tall with your eyes directly forward.
2. Keep the towel taut overhead.
3. Kiss your shoulders to your ears.
4. Actively pull your shoulders down using your back muscles.
5. Take it slow so you can feel the stretch through your neck and back.

Exercise #2: I Dunno

1 set x 10 reps

Benefits: Builds arm & shoulder strength and stability.

1. Plant your feet firmly into the ground and feel the crown of your head stretch into the sky. You should feel 7′ tall. That’s how I feel anyway. ūüôā
2. Stretch your arms forward and keep the towel taut in front of you.
3. Raise your entire frame (arms and shoulders) to your ears, then actively pull your frame down your back.

Exercise #3: Make A Wish

1 set x 10 reps
Benefits: Keeps your shoulders anchored into your back.

1. Start with palms together and shrug your shoulders as high up as possible.
2. Release your hands to the side, spreading your fingers and stretching your arms down towards the ground.

Exercise #4: Hunchback No More

1 set x 15 reps
Benefits: Aligns your spine, shoulders and hips.

1. Curl your back forward while tucking in your tummy.
2. Pull your shoulders back over your hips, keeping a roundness in your upper back.
3. Stack your neck directly over your spine.

Exercise #5: The Pamela Anderson

1 set x 15 reps
Benefits: Eliminates the arch in the back for better alignment and strength in the body. 

1. Do an impression of Tytus doing an impression of me doing an impression of Pamela Anderson sticking her chest. ūüėČ
2. Point your tailbone towards the ground.
3. Suck your belly in to close your ribcage.
4. Stack your head over neck, neck over spine, shoulders over hips.

A Final Word about good dance frame & posture:

Good posture has many other benefits other than looking tall, confident and feeling awesome. It gives you body more power as it allows you to efficiently move from foot to foot. Even if you already have great posture, these exercises are beneficial for engaging those pecs and lats for better leading and following.

Strengthening your back and core are also important for the trunk of your body to support your frame. These core exercises are perfect for doing just that:

Turn on your 6 pack Abs with these 5 exercises

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