Powerful Tush Builders – 5 Exercises 5 Minutes

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Although bikini season is over, having an awesome butt is never out of style! Therefore, today is all about Tush Builders! Building this powerful base is going to help you generate more power in your movements on the dance floor, and can also help avoid hip injuries by strengthening all those muscles in your core, tush and legs. 5 Exercises, ONLY 5 minutes. No excuses. Let’s start KICKING BUTT!

Exercise #1: Lift N Lift

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 set for each leg)
Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
Benefits: Great for Butt, legs & Core.

1. Stack your shoulders above your wrists.
2. Keep your hips square to the floor.
3. Kick one leg out behind you, keeping that foot flexed with toes pointing towards the floor.
4. Start slow pulses up and down, keeping your core engaged.

Exercise #2: Kicking Butt

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 set for each leg)
Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
Benefits: Builds your glute strength and stabilizes muscles in your center.

1. Use the Same Tips #1-3 from Exercise #1 for a strong setup.
2. Keep your neck and spine long.
3. Kick directly back with the extended leg and then, towards your butt.

Exercise #3: Hip Lifts

2 sets of 10 reps. 
Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
Benefits: Look really good from behind, and improve balance.

1. Stack your knees over ankles.
2. Keep your neck flat on the floor and eyes gazing directly upwards.
3. Squeeze your butt to lift your hips.
4. Pause briefly at the top of the lift.
5. See if you can keep your hips off the floor the entire time. Or feel free to drop them to the floor between pulses. YOUR CHOICE!

Exercise #4: Can Can Hip Lifts

2 sets of 10 reps. (1 rep = lift right + lift left) Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
Benefits: Builds flexibility in hamstrings & Strengthens the Tush. FEEL THE BURN!

1. Keep your arms and neck relaxed.
2. Press firmly into the foot that is on the ground.
3. Try to stack your extended leg directly over your hips. If that seems too challenging, modify it by extending your leg at an angle.

Exercise #5: Touch The Sky

2 sets of 10 reps. (Do 1 set for each side.)
Rest 10 seconds in between sets.
Benefits: A Round and well-built tush that supports your dancing!

1. Use the same set-up tips as Exercise #4.
2. Pulse up and down using your glute muscles.
3. Keep breathing… keep smiling!

A final word about tush builders:

Having strong glutes is essential for dancers. A chiropractor that I know who sees many professional dancers, told me that most of them actually have weak glutes, and as a result, other parts of the muscular body starts to tug and pull out of alignment. Hence, I strongly recommend doing these conditioning exercises to get your body well balanced.

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