5 Minute Legs Strengthening & Stretching Routine for Dancers

Legs, legs, legs. As dancers, having strong legs are so important because they are our power, spring, extensions. Legs are what connect us to the floor when we dance. In this episode of “Feel Good Friday”, I’m showing you a 5 minute routine that will stretch and strengthen your legs all at once. In the meantime, I’ve selected these specific exercises that will also tone your butt and core. as well as stretch your hips along the way. As with all dancer workouts, the core is always being used. So, pay attention to that while you dance your way through this routine.

I incorporate a mix of yoga, pilates, dance into my stretches and workouts. Enjoy. 🙂

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You won’t need any equipment or even a yoga mat. Just do it wherever it feels good in your home/ outdoors.

This routine focuses a lot on the Plie/ squat position, so I want to give you some more guidance here on how to have correct form, so that you can keep your body in safe alignment, and also get more out of the exercises!

If anything feels funky on your joints, just stop. You can also ask me questions below and I’m happy to provide modification suggestions.

Squat/ Plie position:

1. Let your feet point outwards, in the same direction as your knees.
2. Only squat down as far as your thighs are parallel to the floor. And you don’t have to go as deep right away, you can build flexibility and strength by working on this more regularly.
3. Keep your torso upright, rather than hunched over. This position makes you engage your core more. Your lower back can be slightly curved.

Exercises in this routine:
1. 10 deep plies/ squats (warm up)
2. Hold deep plie (15 seconds)
3. Slow Spine Undulations  with Plies (x5)
4A. Plie with hip opening and twist (both sides)
4B. Rotate exercise 3A between sides with arm sweeps (x3)
5A. Deep side lunge with twist & hip stretch (both sides)
5B. Spidey Lunge crawls
6. Leg Lifts and Slow Plie (both sides)
7. Seated Hip Twist Stretch

Have fun, keep dancing, stay healthy!

LOVE to y’all,

What are you doing to keep active while staying home during this time?
Any questions on any of the exercises? 
How did this routine feel for you?
Any other exercises/ body parts you’d like to target?  
Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Paul Pedersen
    April 18, 2020

    Good one! Thanks.

    • User Avatar
      Dance Insanity
      April 18, 2020

      Right on! Glad you enjoyed that Paul.

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