Improve Back Bends & Lay Backs – Back Stretching Routine for Dancers

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How do you get deeper into your back bends, but also make sure you are doing them safely? That’s what I’ll be getting into with this stretching routine today. Whether you’re a latin dancer or ballroom dancer, we all do laybacks and back bends in various degrees. So, having a flexible back is important to just having more range of motion and dynamics in what you can do as a dancer. Not to mention that having a strong back is important to help you maintain the full range of motion that you need in all your day to day activities.

Most people associate a deep back bend with a flexible back. That’s only part of the story. In fact, you need 3 things to improve your back bends:

  1. A strong back to fold (ie: back bend)
  2. Openness/ elongation in the front side of your body to achieve the back bend
  3. Strong engaged Core that can protect your back. Even more importantly, a strong core is what helps you come in and out of the backbend SAFELY.

These are the exercises we’ll be doing:

  1. Seated Fish Pose
  2. Seated Chest and Back undulations
  3. Open Chest Pulses
  4. Forearm Plank
  5. Floor Lunge Heart Openers to work into back bends

I design these exercises specially to target dancers, using my years of yoga practice/teaching, and professional dance experience. That’s why, a lot of them don’t have specific names. 🙂

Have fun with these. And remember to always breathe, smile and keep dancing. 🙂

xx LiWen

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  • Deb Larsen
    May 1, 2020

    Thank you. I was looking for some flexibility exercises I could work on while I’m stuck at home.

    • User Avatar
      LiWen Ang
      May 1, 2020

      Hello Deb! You’re welcome. 🙂 Have fun with them.

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