Leg Exercises for Extensions, Stretch & Sexy Lines

You just can’t get away from having strong legs, if you want to be a good dancer. That’s why today, I want to show you a Legs Exercise Routine. 5 Exercises. Can you spare 5 minutes to feel good?

When I first started doing Latin dancing, one of my biggest questions was:
How do I get my legs to move like those pros?

Dang! It seemed out of reach at that time. Every step was balanced and articulated. WOW.
If you have those same questions and desires, then, let’s get moving with this leg exercises Routine today! We’ll work strength, flexibility, toning, point in your feet as well as some core.

List of Exercises:

  1. Warm Up Squats x15
    Make sure your knees stay behind your toes.
  2. Single Leg Lifts – Quads (Each leg x 10)
    Keep your toes pointed forward. No turn out in the feet.
  3. Side Leg lifts – Side Quad & Glutes (Vastus Lateralis)
    Keep the inside of inner thigh facing down. Point your toes.
  4. Inner Leg Circles – Inner Thighs (Adductors) & Core
    Small circles are great here. Stabilize your hips with your core.
  5. Seated Leg Extensions
    Anchor your hips down.
    Keep your shoulders down and core engaged.
    Try to move your leg without crunching your body forward.

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      You’re Welcome Diane! 🙂

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