Exercises for Strong Ankles & Feet that all Dancers need

Exercises for strong Ankles & Feet

I have a confession… I suffer from AFF syndrome. (AFF = Ankle + Feet Fetish)!!! 😉 Well, I mean fetish towards strengthening and improving flexibility in my own feet and ankles. Though I do very much have a vested interest in improving all my students’ feet and ankles. 😉 So, if you catch me staring at your feet and ankles… THAT is WHY!

Try out the 5 exercises for strong ankles and feet! We will stretch and strengthen your feet to create more power and articulation in your dance movements.

Exercise #1: Single Foot Press

2 sets x 15 reps (1 set for each foot)
​Benefits: Builds ankle stability and improves arch in feet.

1. Start in a squat position with your back straight.
2. Raise one heel high off the floor and press ball of foot into the floor.
3. Engage the calf above your raised foot.
4. Pulse your hips up and down, while keeping your raised foot and ankle stable.

Exercise #2: Sumo Ankle Press

2 sets of 15 pulses 
(​rest 10 seconds between sets)
Benefits: Builds ankle stability and balance.

1. Keep your back straight.
2. Engage your core and glutes.
3. If you find it challenging to keep your balance, you can lower the heels in between each rep.
4. Keep the pulses slow and sustained.

Exercise #3: Flex Flex Point

2 sets of 15 reps (1 set per foot)
Benefits: Builds feet flexibility and agility.

1. Start with a flexed foot.
2. Point the foot while keeping the toes flexed.
3. Point the toes, feeling the stretch through the top of the foot.
4. Reverse the motions.

Exercise #4: Flex Point Point

2 sets of 15 reps (1 set per foot)
Benefits: Improves point and arch for feet articulation.

1. Start with a flexed foot.
2. Point the toes while keeping foot flexed.
3. Go to full point with the foot.
​4. Reverse the motions.
5. Keep your knee straight and calves engaged.

Exercise #5: Slow Mo Pedaling

2 sets of 15 reps
1 rep = heels up, left heel lower, heels up, then right heel lower
(rest 10 seconds between sets)

Benefits: Builds leg and ankle strength and full body balance.

1. When both heels are raised, straighten the legs.
2. Engage your butt the WHOLE time.
​3. Bend the knee of the leg with the raised heel, while lowering the opposite heel.
4. Lower the heel slowly and with control, while keeping that knee straight.

A final word about these exercises for strong ankles and feet:

If you work on these exercises for strong ankles, just a few times a week, you WILL eventually see improvement in your balance. Not just that, you will also improve the pointe in your feet (which will give you control to create better hip action!). You can even do these exercises while you are brushing your teeth, doing your make-up, talking to your co-worker. Well,… just NOT while you are driving. 😉

WELCOME TO the Ankle & Feet Fetish Club!

REMINDER: Always listen to your body and go gently and slowly with these exercises, especially if you have never done them before. NEVER push or strain your body into a position that doesn’t feel comfortable.  


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